women's group fitness Cashmere

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Women’s Group Fitness Cashmere

Circuit classes have been around for some time and are nothing new. In fact most gyms offer circuit classes all around the world. The reason that people choose circuit training is because it is a low impact, high intensity workout that gets results quickly. Circuit classes at Victory Fitness Coaching are a little different. Everything is modified to you and your ability. We are proud to offer circuit classes in Cashmere as one of our options. Victory Fitness Coaching is a great option for women’s fitness classes Cashmere.

A circuit is a series of exercises that are performed one after the other, for a given length of time until all the exercises have been completed. You complete a set of exercises and then repeat the same set again often with additional reps or weight. This is referred to as ‘circuit training’ or ‘circuit-based training’. Our women’s fitness classes Cashmere offer both circuit training and boxing. All classes are low impact. Don’t let that fool you though. Our classes will build your strength and fitness and you will love the progression you see.

Our boxing classes, also known as boxing for fitness or boxing circuits are a lot of fun and great for your strength and fitness also. Many women in menopause find boxing enjoyable as it’s low impact and easy on the joints. Whether you choose the circuit training or boxing classes, you’re sure to find that Victory Fitness Coaching offers women’s fitness classes Cashmere to suit you.

Women’s Personal Trainer Cashmere Ensures Appropriate Exercises

Strength and conditioning for women is a growing area in the fitness industry. There are many misconceptions regarding strength training for women. The truth is that strength training helps you achieve your fitness goals, improve your health, and protect your bones.

As women approach their menopausal years and beyond, they face a myriad of challenges. Fortunately, there are many ways in which they can help themselves cope with these challenges and stay strong during this phase of their lives. Osteoporosis is a real issue so strength training really is a must to stay fit and healthy.

Free Trial Class for Group Fitness Cashmere

Victory Fitness Coaching offers all visitors their first class free so there’s no reason not to come and try a women’s fitness class Cashmere. All bookings are required online. Click here to book women’s fitness classes Cashmere. You will be required to complete a pre-exercise questionnaire for your own safety and to ensure the class is programmed to be suitable for you.

Corrina Steele | Personal Trainer Cashmere QLD – Phone: 0408 883 641

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