The 4 Step Approach to Hormones with a Personal Trainer Near Me

help with hormonal imbalances

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Menopausal Women and Exercise

Many women know that exercise and proper nutrition is an integral part of fat loss. However many fail to address the hormonal imbalances that are the underlying cause of weight gain and health issues which can derail your success. Cutting calories and doing more exercise is a common misconception to fat loss among women. This method may only make you fatter! Without addressing the hidden hormonal imbalances women 40+ can find themselves getting fatter no matter how much salad you try to live on.

Every day, millions of midlife women are constantly being bombarded with fat loss programs that are ‘quick fix’ gimmicks or do not make any distinction between male or female and are not age specific. The truth and the science behind fat loss programs for women in their menopausal years lies in understanding your hormones.

4 Step Approach Balancing Your Hormones

We use this formula to specifically address the hormonal roller coaster that creates profound metabolic changes. Those such as menopausal symptions of hot flushes, sleep issues, digestive discomfort, fatigue and belly fat. As you transition through your menopausal years and beyond, you can reduce your experience to these symptoms.

  1. Restore – we need to look at your hormone levels and restore them appropriately.
  2. Re-energise – nourish your body with nutrition, and use the power of nutrition to re-energise your hormones and achieve breakthrough fat loss.
  3. Reactivate – use exercise to reactivate your fat burning hormones and decrease your fat storing ones.
  4. Recovery – Stress and not getting a good night’s sleep are huge factors to hormone imbalance, weight gain and other health issues.
Feel Good With Balanced Hormones

The Benefits of Working with a Personal Trainer during Menopause

All is not lost. With a personal trainer guiding you with a healthy exercise program and an eagerness to take control of your body and health; you will also see hormonal benefits. Humans can lose 10% of muscle mass per decade after
the age of thirty and this reduction in muscle mass leads to decreased explosive strength and power especially in the over 40s.

Research has shown that resistance training with a higher intensity can have the following benefits on the body:
· An improved quality of life via improved muscle mass, strength and power.
· Reduction in back pain
· Improved glucose tolerance, insulin sensitivity and fat burning effects
· Increases bone mass, reduce the risk of age related bone disease e.g. osteoporosis
· Improves posture core stability and joint health.
· and more

The benefits of exercise are numerous, and there are so many ways to get moving. Having a personal trainer guide you correctly, maintain your motivation and keep you accountable are all good reasons to find a personal trainer with experiencein training menopausal women properly. Look for ‘personal trainer near me’ online and then do your research.

Our classes at Victory Fitness Coaching are perfect for all women, including those experiencing menopausal symptoms.  All our classes include modifications where needed, are fun and having a good belly laugh is part of the class. Start now with fitness classes in Cashmere at Victory Fitness Coaching.

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