Meet Corrina

As a qualified Personal Trainer in Cashmere, I work with women and men looking to improve their quality of life through improving strength, fitness and nutrition.

My strengths include Leadership, Motivation and Dedication which are all qualities that will get you results. I will also match your goals to your training plan – ensuring you are undertaking the right type of exercises to reach your goals. Yes, any movement is great, but specific movement is what’s needed for specific goals. Nutrition must be a factor in any training plan, so education is always included.


Corrina - before - personal trainer Cashmere

I have lived the journey of being obese and know those struggles and I know the only way forward is through a lifestyle change through changing habits in both nutrition and exercise. I do not have a bikini body but I am fit and healthy, enjoy exercise and have a far brighter future and quality of life than the barrel I was looking down 10 years ago.

Facing menopause can be a real challenge for some women. The symptoms may be unpleasant, and the changes to weight that typically occur can make it difficult to maintain a healthy body weight.

Starting a fitness routine is a great way to manage both the symptoms of menopause and weight gain. A women’s personal trainer during menopause can provide guidance, motivation, and expertise in achieving your goals. They work specifically with you on your personal needs and find exercises that are best for you.