Personal Trainer in Cashmere, QLD


Working with men and women struggling with health and fitness.

Specialising in women's 40+ workouts, injury prevention and rehab and mobility issues.

Consistent progression - PT tailored for you

We are currently referring all clients to Coach Chase in Lawnton.

Personal trainer Lawnton

Coach Chase is dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, improve your cardiovascular health, or simply feel better about yourself, Chase has the expertise and experience to help you succeed.


Personal training is offered to women and men who need a specialised workout program, who have specific goals or need more modification due to injury, illness, health or mobility issues.


We are not currently running classes but recommend Activeness Bootcamps Albany Creek. I can highly recommend Amy and her classes.  She is a great trainer with experience and expertise for all ages.


I made some life changing decisions and had a bit of a journey to discover how to make it all work.

At 105kg, I decided my future didn’t look the way I was happy to live with. 

Now I love helping others, particularly women 40+ to make similar changes and live a happier, healthier lifestyle.

I offer personal training to those who need something extra. If you’re getting started, have some injuries, health challenge or mobility issues, this is perfect for you.  All sessions are tailored to suit you where you’re at, with regular progression.

Our small group fitness classes are designed for those wanting a bit of community as well as a challenging workout.

All classes must be booked online, and personal training is booked personally.

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Corrina Steele


Currently, we are only offering PERSONAL TRAINING.  If you are looking for bootcamp classes, we recommend Activeness Bootcamps Albany Creek.

We offer small group fitness classes in Cashmere including Boxing for Fitness, and Circuit.

These are programed specifically for the clientele attending (based on bookings) and aim to address their needs. Most exercises are generally low impact and can be modified for all levels and any injuries.

You will be taught to engage your core correctly, focusing on technique and ensuring maximum benefit. You will increase your strength, fitness and mobility with regular classes lead by our specialised women’s personal trainer in Cashmere.

Please see our timetable for class schedule. All classes must be booked through the Bookings Page.

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women's group fitness Cashmere

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